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HT Metering Cubicle And Unit

Metering Cubicle are the electrical panels that are designed according to the industrial standards and are used in conjunction with indoor current and voltage transformer units. These dry type units are ideal for the indoor installation as they are completely insulated and don not produces and heat which may cause any harm to the operator near them. Metering Cubicle provides housing for the transformer and the energy metre. The casing of these heavy duty units are fabricated by using top grade mild steel provided with a protective surface coating for the prevention of the chemical attacks and deposition of rust and corrosion. 
We offer various types of heavy duty electrical Metering Unit that are especially designed for the three phase primary metering applications. These advanced machineries are combined with a high performance current and voltage transformer that are mounted on a mild steel frame provided with an epoxy coating. The terminals are wired to the terminal strip inside the junction box. Metering Unit offered by our company are suitable for medium and high voltage electrical applications. These are available in a different sizes with a maximum rated power of 33 Kilo-watt. These industrial machineries can be customized into different primary voltage rating according to the client’s requirements.
Current Transformer are the heavy electrical devices that are used for the transformation of the values of the current signal to the relatively low value. These equipments also helps to multiply the alternating current and produces the signal in the secondary winding proportional to the primary one. They are available in many different sizes in between the ampere rating of 1 to 5 with a frequency cycle of 50 to 60 Hertz. Current Transformer needs a constant input for the efficient functioning and their load does not depends on the secondary coiling. 

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