Low Tension Current Transformer

Plug-In Type Current Transformer are the compact electrical devices that are used for the metering, protection, core balancing, indication, motor and power control and various other applications. These are inductive and are provided with a single conductor transformers that are especially designed for the AC network applications. The whole assembly of Plug-In Type Current Transformer is enclosed in a casing made up of polycarbonate and cast resin provided with a glass like polymeric shields to protect them from the external atmospheric conditions. They are small in size and can be easily mounted on the walls. 
Ring Type Transformer are the instrumental electrical devices that are designed to produce an alternating current signal in their secondary winding which is proportional to the value of current being measured in its primary coil. These are shaped in a hollow circular section on which wire in wounded on the circumferential surface area. Ring Type Transformer helps to reduce the high voltage current to a lower value and also helps to safely monitor the actual values flowing in an AC transmission line with the help of a standardized ammeter. They are available in single as well as three phase design configurations.
Wound Primary Type Transformer offered by us are designed and developed by using best quality electrically conductive materials that make them highly efficient and safe to use. The windings of these appliances are enclosed in a mild steel resin casted casing which acts as a protective barrier to prevent any kind of damage to the conductors. Wound Primary Type Transformer are dry air cooled systems that can be used for the metering, protection, summation and balancing applications. The coils are manufactured by using premium grade copper which reduces the power loss and the effects of eddy current. 

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